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I am exploring and came across this.....LOVE IT!!!!

Just got this email today....

...and I can't stop going back to look at it!
It's called "the pink dachshund", and it's about a momma dachshund who's raising the piggy as her own. It's especially funny b/c I had just ordered the movie "The Ugly Dachshund" from netflix and we had "movie night" last friday and watched it and ate pizza. I knew that movie by heart, I watched it SOOOO many times when I was little. I'm glad to say it's still funny if not MORE funny now that I'm older.

What super smart 7 year olds do for fun in their spare time:

Not creating outfits and cute hairstyles on watching video clips of Hannah Montana on youtube......(okay so those are both things Arissa does daily).....but this:

Going through "My Pictures" on our computer to find pics for the last post, I came across this that Arissa had saved and she titled it: "Weather Science".

Name that baby....and look at Arissa :o)

(We didn't have a digital camera when Arissa was a baby! So these are some of the oldest I could find of her)

#1: Mallory Mae
#2: Arissa @ Preschool
#3: Arissa @ Coronado Beach
#4: Mariah Grace
#5: Arissa & Mariah
#6: Arissa & Mariah
#7: Mariah on a real pony @ a photoshoot outside of Walmart

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