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Right now...

I'm feeling sad for some friends who are going through hard times.

It's hard for me during times like these, because I never ever know what to say. But I always remember one time when I called the mom of a friend of mine who was going through something, and I told her I'd wanted to call my friend for a long time but had no idea what to say and didn't want to end up making things worse.

And she told me that no one does know what to say and that the call itself would be appreciated. So I bit my nails & fretted for 5 minutes and finally called..... and I felt much better and my friend didn't seem to mind that I wasn't quoting from a "how to say the right thing" book.

So now I try not to let myself get hung up on what the right/perfect response is, and just go, just call and the rest will fall into place.

I get chills every time I listen to this song, and when I've felt really sad & helpless for my friends, listening to it and has made me feel better:

(scroll to the very bottom of the page and turn off the music first so you can hear the loveliness of it)

Isn't it beautiful?
It's always been a favorite song of mine, but hearing it sung in that voice (as opposed to, say....mine) gives it a whole new dimension. I love it and I highly recommend listening to it during hard or sad times. :o)


Sally said...

I love this song! I love the words, I love the feeling it gives and the peace it brings. It is one of my favorites and one I hum when I'm having problems. Very powerful!

Miss you guys,

Cula said...

Thanks, I needed that today. I really appreciate you and jesse coming on monday.

Howard Family said...

@Sally- yes it's definitely a good "hum your favorite hymn" song! And it's great no matter what, but it takes on another life when you hear it outside of Sacrament meeting. ;) Miss you too! Counting down the days till our trip, and crossing our fingers that we can actually make it happen!

@Cula- You're welcome & there is no place we would have rather been on Monday! It was a beautiful, perfect service. It was quite a tear-jerker, but I so enjoyed hearing about your mom's life, and especially your song and what you was just perfect. And you are JUST like your mom, so all that goodness about her is still here. :) Love you.

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