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we went....

...on a hike.

If I'm going to go through all the trouble of putting on uncomfortably tight workout clothes and schlepping myself around for 45-60 minutes and getting all tired, I at least want it to be worth it.  And the best way to make that worth it, to me, is to do it at Torrey Pines.

I decided I wanted to hike Torrey Pines at sunset.  Or at least as close to sunset as you can get, because the mountain closes at sunset.  It was a sunny day, perfect for a sunset.  So we got all dressed and drove all the way out there.

Except my beloved marine layer had come in just enough to a) cover the coast with clouds so that no sunset was visible and b) make it really windy and cold.

But we were there (3 of us...Arissa was sick), so we hiked.


A sunset wold have been nice, but we did get to see some spotlights on the ocean, which was beautiful just the same.



Related Posts with Thumbnails