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pictures to come....

Several things have happened recently and I've been mindful enough to take pictures, but haven't found the time to upload them here and write about them. But I will!

Some of the things I need to post about are:

1. My first "quilt" being "finished" (quilt is in quotes because it's a tiny little thing, hardly qualifies as a blanket, and finished is in quotes because I still need to put the bias tape on one end of it).

2. Embroidery projects: aforementioned quilt, Arissa & Mariah's projects, a super sweet embroidery I did of one of Mariah's drawings

3. A fabric banner I did for the girls' room just because

4. A cyst I had in my foot that I went to the dr for last week and have been limping around since because of

5. A shirt I made for Mallory and/or Mariah

6. A new set of placemats that my Nana personally quilted for us

7. A scrapbook that I helped Arissa's class put together for a special friend of Arissa's who was in the hospital recently

Hopefully I remember to post pictures soon. Otherwise it all doesn't sound real exciting. :O)


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