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My new beauties:

Last weekend, I planted my Easter gifts to myself which were the azealas, renunculas, and this beautiful blue flower which I don't even know the name of:

And then this weekend, I went to Home Depot and came back with these. They are making me so happy, just like my hydrangeas.:

The white one is Jasmine, which smells better than any perfume or scented candle I've ever bought, and the other one is Wisteria which is about to bloom and is going to be gorgeous (if I can manage to not let it die). Both of them are climbing "vines", so I'm going to let one climb on the awning at the entrance to our backyard, the other up the posts and overhead at the front door entrance. I loved having them on the porch like in the picture because I could see them from the living room, and I could smell the Jasmine as I walked in and out. But they prefer full sun, so I had to move them. But I just LOVE them all.


Related Posts with Thumbnails