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A few weeks ago when it was raining, I looked outside and yelled to the girls: "GIRLS! COME HERE NOW!! IT'S SNOWING!!!".

Which of course, living in Lemon Grove is nearly impossible. But it was hailing...which is as close to snow as we get. So I figured why not celebrate it! :o) This was our meager little "snowstorm":

But then after it, came this:

and that made us all even more happy than the snow. :O)
Last Saturday was my best friend's son's 3rd birthday! He's very into sea-related stuff, and apparently his favorite animal is the penguin. And it just so happened I had a pattern for one, so this is what I made him:

And then this next thing is really fun & easy to make, but it seems to me it's only for a limited age group. Give it to a toddler too young for it, and their parents won't trust them with it because crayon coloring would end up on the walls or (as has happened to us) some of the crayons might end up in the laundry and get washed & dried and make a mess. Give it to a 7-8-9+ year old, and you get a "thanks", and then a look that says "but Hannah Montana isn't even on this, what am I supposed to do with it?". So since Caleb was turning 3, which seems to me to be the perfect age for it, I whipped him up one:


Related Posts with Thumbnails