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what I'm loving right now:

I'm trying to give up soda. I might as well be trying to give up speaking, or laughing. That's how hard it is for me. I haven't officially said "as of NOW, no more at all", cause I've tried that before and by noon the headache comes on, I get irritable, and I buy a big gulp. But I realize that if I quit drinking it, and it alone, I would probably lose 15-20 pounds. I know this cause I did it before. And also because I don't usually enjoy soda by itself, I like to be eating at the same time. So no soda, less (and different) eating. So I'm trying to ease into it.

And this Arrowhead sparkling water is fabulous. When I bought it, all they had was Raspberry-Lime, which kind of made me gag. But it tastes really delicious. And of course it's got the fizzies, just like my beloved soda. It's not at all the same, but it's something.

And then this: I read this book when Oprah originally announced it as part of her book club....must have been in 1998 or 1999. After the Oscar's on Sunday, I picked it up again and finished it in 2 days. It's SUCH a good book! Although, after reading it this time, I feel like maybe I shouldn't have been reading it when I was only 18/19 years's pretty explicit. But it's such a good story, and such GREAT writing. I just love it. It's translated from German, and when I read stuff that's been translated I always wonder about the to me they deserve as much acclaim as the author. I know from just trying to translate things I read in's really really difficult to a) determine what the writer MEANT when they were writing, and b) to make it sound nice in English.

I don't know if I'm up for seeing the movie The Reader though....although I'm tempted after watching the Oscar's, and because I love love LOVE Kate Winslet. But I don't think I'm up for all that nudity. Plus, as was evident with Confessions of a Shopaholic, the book IS always better than the movie so maybe I should just leave it at that! :O)


Related Posts with Thumbnails