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I know what you're thinking....

...what on earth could be as lovely & wonderful as this:

And my response would be: nothing.

Except maybe this which comes very very close:

This is my Jasmine...I planted them last spring, and they were beautiful, but I moved them several times and the blossoms didn't last. But the plant stayed green all fall/winter and grew like a weed. Then a few weeks ago I began noticing blossoms, and now this baby is in full swing!

I LOVE THIS PLANT. It's pretty. It's low-maintenance. It's ever-green (I don't know if it's supposed to be, but it has been for me). And best of's perfume wafts through my entire yard! Even from the front porch you can smell it, and it's such a nice smell, the epitome of springtime. And then as you walk into the backyard (which was formerly a pile of junk but I've been working on making it presentable again) it just envelopes you and it's HEAVEN.

I'm training it to climb:

I even arranged some as a "gift" for the SDGE man, so when he comes to read our meter, he can relish in the beauty of it too:

Moving on....

I went a little flower-happy at Home Depot the other day and came home with:


And the beginning of our new vegetable/fruit garden:

Strawberries in a hanging basket:

And finally, a nice view of our front walkway....once the hydrangeas start blooming, I think it'll be hard to keep me inside. :o)


Related Posts with Thumbnails