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This little tiny.... FEARLESS!

Which is somewhat out of character for her! She's not usually "fearful" per se, or at least I refuse to label her that way, but she does tend to be more cautious than her sisters. But:

Mariah just called me to report that she pulled out her own tooth!!!!

It had bled a little after she ate an ice cream sandwich, so Arissa told her (matter-of-factly) to just pull it out. Which she did! Arissa told me she offered her hand to Mariah to squeeze if it hurt, but Mariah didn't even need it. She also told me it was bleeding a lot, and I asked if Mariah was crying (just from seeing the blood, let alone the pain) and Arissa said nope.

When I spoke to Mariah and congratulated her, her only comment was: "Mommy? The blood tastes good". :o) Kind of gross, but also cute.


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