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Beaches & Boats

Last Sunday we took a spontanious trip to La Jolla to visit the Children's Pool/Sea Lions. It was purely a "look, no touch" trip, but of course it didn't end that way. You'd think I'd learn after 9 years and 3 kids that if there's water & sand, they are GOING to get in it no matter what I tell them!

And yesterday we did something I've been wanting to do for awhile.....we rode the Harbor Ferry from downtown to Coronado. The girls loved it! And I got to add another item to my "Previously Un-Realized Reasons Why Having 3 Kids is Harder Than Having 1" list: a seemingly inexpensive $3.50 boat ride ends up costing $35 for a family of 5 (round trip)!
But it was worth it, I'd say.

Boarding the boat:

Curious faces:

At Coronado:

Headed back:

I was able to talk Jesse into spending another $10 to take a bicycle taxi ride back to our car. It was a short ride, we didn't park very far, but I thought it would be a fun experience. The poor driver sure earned his pay for that ride....pulling our big old family along.


Related Posts with Thumbnails