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Yo Mama!

I found this pattern for embellished dishgloves online and thought they looked so cute, I just had to make them. The pattern was called "Not your mama's rubber gloves!". :o)

I bought some oilcloth online, cut it, sewed it to the gloves, cut the ends w/ pinking sheers, and hot glued the polka dot ribbon on. Et voila!

Although I only made one pair, because the actual sewing part was nearly impossible. The circumfrance of the glove was too small to put on the sewing machine the conventional way, and it was just nearly a big mess but luckily it turned out alright.

For some reason, when I saw the checkered oilcloth I though immediately of my friend Courtney....I don't know why exactly, it just seemed like her style for some reason. So I gave them to her. And maybe I'll make some of my own someday, when I forget how difficult the sewing was! :O)


Sarah said...

Those are darling Kristin!! I love them. You are so telented.

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