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2 down (almost), 1 to go

Mariah is turning six in a few weeks! It's her "golden birthday" too, cause she's turning 6 on the 6th (Mallory's will be her 8th birthday and Arissa's will be her 17th).

I really didn't want to do a Hannah Montana theme again, but I told Mariah we could if that's what she wanted. Thankfully, she wasn't insistant one way or the other. We kicked around ideas of: an art party, a flower party, a pink party, a tea party, and finally settled on:

a beach party.

So I'm doing a beach/luau thing in Nana's backyard. The invitations went out today (no going back now!). :o) Here's what we did:

We took this:

plus this:

plus this:
added a little photoshop, and made this:

Mariah was so excited to hand them out to her friends! Of course she can't wait for the party.
Once that celebration is done, then it's on to start planning Arissa's sleepover. My Grandma is going to swap houses with us for the night...which is good because she doesn't have to deal with 11 screaming girls. But bad, because that means I have to clean up all by myself. :o)


Related Posts with Thumbnails