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Yesterday Mallory shocked me by giving me a note when I came home from work.....a note that she wrote with no help, and that actually made up semi-correctly-phonetically-spelled words!

At first I thought she had just written down letters like she always does. She can write the names of all her family by heart, as well as "love" and "hannah montana". But when i looked closer, I realized she had written specific words and spelled them just like Mariah does.

I couldn't believe it! I know she's 5 now, and a big girl, but she's still my baby (and not even in kindergarten yet) and I didn't expect this kind of writing for another several months!

All 3 of my girls are little writers...they love to just write and write. Sometimes to tell a story, or write a letter, sometimes just because they have a new notebook and pen and want to put them to use. I guess they get that from me. :o)

Here's her note (along w/ my translation of it):
(she had thrown a fit on Sunday night and that's what she's aplogizing for):


Related Posts with Thumbnails