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On the un-official last day of summer, before school started, the girls and I went down to Coronado and rented a bike to ride around town in.

It seated two, with two sets of pedals, and had a basket in the front where I could stick these two:


Arissa was my pedaling partner and she and I got quite a workout.

Streets that are seeming flat when you're driving in a car can be pretty dang hilly when you're pedaling a rickety bike with two huge kids in a basket in the front.

And you ride in the streets, and obviously the cars yield to you but it was still kind of scary at some points and Arissa and I had to pedal for our lives!

At the end of it, her butt hurt and my legs were sore---- M&M wanted to keep going for the rest of the day. But it was a lot of fun, the weather was PERfect, and the sights and surroundings couldn't be beat.

We had fun pointing out each house we'd like to live in....which was pretty much all of them.




Related Posts with Thumbnails