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Ears pierced....or not

Poor Arissa.
She had her ears pierced when she was about 3-6 months old. The earrings fell out and the holes closed up; we had them pierced again. When she was about 1 year old, she woke up one morning and they had fallen out again....and that time we couldn't find the earrings, Arissa was acting sick and had vomitted, and being brand new parents it freaked us out so we went to the Emergency room because we thought she had maybe swallowed them. She was fine, and Jesse spent the next week going through each dirty diaper to try and find those earrings (they were expensive). Eventually we found them on the kitchen floor.
That was the end of that, we gave up on trying again. Mallory had her ears pierced when she was less than a year old, and Mariah had hers done this past year. I've asked Arissa many times if we can pierce hers again, but she's terrified. Even though she watched Mariah have hers done and saw that it wasn't so bad, she wanted nothing to do with it. She still has the holes in her earlobes, and I'm certain I could get earrings in w/ just a little push. But she isn't having it.
Until this past week when she told me she wants them pierced. So last night, we loaded everyone in the car and headed to the mall. She was excited, she picked out cute little daisy studs, she got in the chair, the lady came over, got all ready, and then came the meltdown. Arissa cried and cried, the lady gave us a few minutes to calm her down, I tried everything I could think of to convince Arissa to get it over with, she agreed but then when the lady came back again, she refused. So we left.
Then last night she goes "can we go back tomorrow to get my ears pierced?". I said "WHAT?? We drove all the way over there and wasted an hour of that lady's time because you said you didn't want to do it!". She goes "yeah but I was tired. I'll feel better tomorrow.".
:o) So as of today, her ears are hole-free. But possibly not for long!


The Parker Family said...

hooray!!! i love you arissa, mariah and mallory!!!

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