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Let the blogging begin!!

OK so I set up the blog, did one post, then kind of left it alone for a few weeks. That's because I mainly set it up for friends and family (near and far) and I mentioned it in our Christmas I wanted to hold off on posting so that when people got the cards and came by the blog, that post would be the first they saw. But now the cards are out, so I can begin what I'm sure will be a daily obsession!
A few things:
Here's what the girls are giving their teachers for Christmas:
Aren't they cute? They were the cheapest little things, but once I put the pictures in, they suddenly looked so much more valuable!

Speaking of Christmas gifts, here's some that I made (since they've already reached their recipients, I guess it's safe to post pics):

The fairy doll I made for my good friend's (Missy) daughter, the cross stitch thingys I made for some friends, a couple family members, and my penpal in France. This year is a "homemade" Christmas, I just hope everybody didn't mind!

Well there's a lot more I planned on saying, and a whole bunch of pictures to go with it, but I'm low on patience and am having trouble posting the pictures. So I guess this is all for now!
Welcome to our blog!!


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