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"So this is Christmas"....

Making my Christmas cards this weekend, and thinking about what I'm going to write in the accompanying newsletter, it occured to me that it would be nice to have a place where extended family and friends could check out our photos and see what's going on with us year-round. So, I created this blog!!

This is our "official" Christmas photo being sent w/ our cards this year. (credit to photographer: Gary Ware) I'm happy w/ how it turned out.....all 5 of us are looking at the camera and actually smiling. What more could you ask for?

It is SO Christmastime at our house!! The day after Thanksgiving, we went to town. Jesse made, with his own two hands and some wood from Home Depot, a star for the roof of our house. He bought some 2x4s and a mitre box/saw, did the math in his head, and spent about a week cutting and hammering. Then he climbed up and hung the star, strung the lights, and:
Isn't it beautiful? And even during the rainstorm we had last weekend, during whcih the wind knocked over everything on our porch and blew over our trashcans and messed up the yard, the star stayed put because of however Jesse secured it.

The girls, of course, LOVE it. They also love this:

This is our first year w/ a prelit tree, which we inheritted from David & Andy last year. This picture was taken before our new cat Bella climbed up and down the trunk of the tree several times and chewed on the lights until the bottom half of the tree no longer lit up. But it's still beautiful and even if only the top half is lit, it still makes it so Christmas-y and warm. love it!


The Parker Family said...

Gorgeous! We were gonna put up lights this year but then we started painting the house so we have to wait until we're done. Aren't pre-lit trees the best? i love ours! Those girls are so beautiful!!!

Robin said...

Hi Kristen! Hey I finally made it in to your blog. I had some confusion with the 1st attempt and a McAfee download, but it looks like I'm in! I got your package today and thanks for the Christmas tree ornament and you are most welcome for the check. I'm SO glad I am able to contribute to the girls marvel on Christmas morning! You are so creative! My sister had made me several small cross stitch samples (Christmas motif)and I have been wondering what I could do with them. The the Christmas tree ornament you said gave me a great sample to copy! I can give one of the finished products to her for her tree. The girls are just beautiful. You and Jesse are such good parents having them involved in the athletic and creative endeavors. That makes for a very well rounded childhood! Your house and tree are just beautiful. I am going to try and figure out how to do this blog thing myself. Perhaps I'll be able to send you some pictures of our Christmas here! Gotta go fix dinner for my son Terry who is here spending the night. Matt has gone North for the week snowmobiling with some buddies. I like a few days to myself. I'm gonna make some Christmas curtains for the kitchen. JoAnne fabrics had their Holiday fabric 50% off. Talk at ya later.

Love to you all!


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