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I'm in love!

With our newest addition to our family....a new table.

Saturday as Arissa and I were going shopping, we passes by a yard sale on our street and my eyes were drawn to this table. A new kitchen table has been on my list of "things we so need but so can't afford" for a long time. The only kitchen table we've ever had was my parents when they were first married...that's an old table. The chairs were upholstered and were just a mess, ripped and ugly, and.....brown and orange (they were probably really stylish when my parents got them). The wobbled, we had to prop the table itself up w/ a book under one leg. It only sat 4 people, which obviously is a problem considering our family of 5!

So anyway we drove past the yard sale and I saw the was exactly what I had been thinking about when I imagined what kind of table I'd like to buy. It looked kind of country, shabby chic, which I loved. And I counted 1, 2, 3,4, 5 chairs! I drove right by though because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it.

On our way back from the mall, it was still there. I sped into our driveway and told Jesse just go look at it! Just go see what it's like and ask the lady how much. So he did, and he came back and said it was really nice.....that sealed the deal because before when I've seen things I wanted at yard sales, he just dismissed it completely. I had to borrow money from my Grandma to pay for it, we had to have a friend pick it up and bring it home. But now it's there and everytime I walk into the kitchen I smile because my kitchen actually looks how I would like it to. It's so great!

It has a nice shiny top so spills wipe up easy and it gleams in the sunlight. It came with two leaves, and Jesse wanted to put both of them in right away. I thought it was too big, but we're trying it out. It's just so perfect because it CAN fit 6, maybe even 8 people if need be. And maybe we WILL have some people over for dinner now that I'm not embarrassed to sit at my own table!

And here's our first meal at the new table....minus the family photographer (me!):


The Parker's said...

perfect! i really want a new table too.... but stamps always seem to take priority. i know, i know my priorities are totally screwed up.

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