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LOTS of photos, TONS of cuteness....

This was our way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day (I know it's not very original): Green Mashed Potatoes. It was all just for the fun, the girls don't like mashed potatoes normally, let alone when they're green. And I LOVE mashed potatoes, but the green was a little weird even for me!

Arissa is totally faking in this picture....I don't think she ate a single bite!
Sweet Mallory.....decorating our Easter Eggs.
Doing the decorating.....see their headbands? I totally made them! :o) The first thing I've ever sewn that actually turned out decent.
Easter cupcakes!

Easter Sunday, heading in to church.

Mariah gave a spur-of-the-moment talk in Primary...this was her as she finished, can you tell how proud of herself she was??

Finding the eggs!

Discovering the easter baskets. The Easter bunny didn't lead the girls on a hunt w/ cute clues like he did last year. They were a little disappointed, but liked their baskets & goodies nonetheless.

"Found one, mama!"

I bought the girls' baskets @ Joann's, weaved ribbon through them the best I could (purple for Mallory, Green for Mariah, and Yellow for Arissa) and voila:

Going through their loot at the annual church Easter Egg hunt (this was actually the day before Easter).

In the middle of making the headbands:

These flowers were sitting on my desk my first day at my new job. I walked in, all nervous of course, and saw these.....I was instantly happier and at ease, especially when I saw the card. They were from my three friends who used to work in South Bay w/ me but had transferred to downtown several months before I did. I was so appreciative and I'm sure my day ended up being a good one mostly because of these flowers!


Related Posts with Thumbnails