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photo tag.....

Okay here's the deal with this tag: you have to use pictures for all the answers and you can't use your own pictures. Go to Google images or any other search engine.

Mine are a little out of order, cause I have problems uploading photos to this blog!

Favorite color:

usually blue, but sometimes apple green, or a pale yellow.

Where I live:

how many other cities have a big old lemon as their mascot?

Bad habit:

I eat way too many of these!

Favorite Animal:

I love me some rottweilers!! This one looks just like the one I had when I was younger.

Favorite food:
Enchiladas suizas...avovado slices on top.....refried beans.....mexican rice. if I could eat this for dinner every day of my life, I'd be happy.

My job:
I have many but these are the ones that take up most of my time. Mommy to 3 little girls, and a Legal Support Assistant @ the district attorney's office.

Picture of me:

My hobby:

I would generally say my hobby is "crafting", but that's too broad a term to find good pictures of! So knitting represents it all.

I tag....anyone I know who has a blog and happens to read this. :O)


Jenn said...

That mexican food looks so yummy!!!! Where did you go to get that yummy food?

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