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My baby's back!!!

Yesterday Arissa & Nana finally came home! We spent all day Saturday getting ready for their return....we cleaned the house, especially the girls' room, I made Arissa's bed all nice and arranged her things, we worked on our "welcome home sign", bought a mouse to replace the one that had been eaten because we told Arissa we'd have a new one by the time she got home, and we washed Nana's car.

We got to the airport like an hour early, as soon as we got out of the car Mallory hoisted the sign up in the air and insisted on holding it like that the whole time, even though I explained there was no need until at least the plane had landed. But she was insistant, and everyone who passed complimented the girls on the sign they had colored (it's hard to see in the photos, but I did the words and then Mallory & Mariah added lots of coloring to the empty spaces).

Then we waited....and waited.....the plane was to land at 12:04 and was "on time", so by 12:20 we were wondering where the heck they were. Then I realized my Grandma was probably waiting until every other single person was off the plane before she and Arissa even got up, so that she wouldn't have to be rushed or be in someone's way. So FINALLY we spotted them and we waived and jumped....I had to restrain myself not to scream, because Jesse pointed out you can't mess around at the airport or the security might have taken me down! Then they came down the escalator and it was hugs hugs & more hugs! We drove Nana home and Arissa gave her sisters the gifts she had gotten them....a Princess and a Dora shirt that talk and light up when you press a certain spot. So cool.

Arissa is so, so TAN!!! I could not believe it. She said that she went swimming every single day she was there. She had so much fun, everyone there kept her busy and made sure she got to do every fun thing that Ogden & Salt Lake have to offer! Her cousin that she spent the night with a few nights & went to an amusement park with one of the days, her mother took lots of pictures apparently and put them on a cd for me, so I'll post those when I get them (after Arissa unpacks!).

I missed my girl so so much and I'm so glad she's back.


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