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our weekend

This was how we spent our Saturday night:...watching the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert in 3D. The girls loved it, although we could hardly hear the tv because Arissa was singing along at the top of her lungs...she knows every word of every single song! :O)

This is the "casket" that Arissa made for our first mouse who lost his life. I thought it was so cute, the picture she drew of him:

note: please forgive the background in the pictures to come. I used a cute fabric as the background, but in trying to photograph the full subject, I got some grass in the shot and forgot to crop it before I uploaded and it kind of distracts from the shot! Oops.

And then on Saturday Jesse was nice enough to take the girls to the park and to his Grandma's to visit, so I got to do some sewing and finish up some projects. I have a list of like 9 friends who either have had babies in the last two months, or are due to give birth in the next two months. So I am kind of frantic to churn out lots of baby gifts. I made a bunch of these....I bought some cute fabric, and used "fusable webbing" to fuse it to the onesie, then I stitched around it. And I'm making matching crocheted ruffled hats to go with:

Also, I made these little guys which I love. They're fast, easy, and cute. The turtle is a little raggedy already because he was my first one and the girls played with him rough and tested my stitching....which I had to improve before I give any as gifts:

And finally, I'm in love with these next guys. I got the idea off a website I browse frequently, so I cut a quick pattern and tried to make my own. The pink/red one is the first one I did, which you can tell by the funny-shaped nose, messy seams, and bad stitching. But even so, I love the fabric so much that I'm keeping him. But as I made a few more, I corrected my mistakes and improved my technique a little:

Arissa, Mariah, and Mallory also loved these. And they assumed, sicne I made three of them, that I must have made them for them! But like I said I have numerous babies that I need to give gifts to, so after I churn out a bunch of these, I'll make some for my girls. Maybe let them choose the fabric too, they like that. :O)


Cula Parker said...

gorgeous! i love the giraffe's. i wish i had your talent.

Anonymous said...

I just love your new projects.... so very cute. The new Mom's will love them..

I girls look so mesmerized by the TV. Perfect shot. Thanks for sharing.


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