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Yesterday after we got home from work, and I sat down on the couch to do some knitting, Arissa comes in from outside and says "Mommy? Does Blossom sleep with her mouth and eyes open?"

Jesse ran outside and found Blossom laying in the grass, and she had passed on. He held her and loved her. Then we found a box, and laid a blanket in it for her. I had sewn a heart shaped pillow the other day for a friend, but we put it in the box for Blossom to rest her head on.

Before burying her, we put in the box w/ her: a picture of us, her kitty treats, and some flowers. Then we took her over to my Grandma's and Jesse buried her under the Tangerine tree where many other East family pets are laid to rest. We all said our final goodbyes, then Jesse closed the grave and we laid flowers on top.

Poor Jesse took it the hardest. He came to love Blossom, and he's spent the past 9 years loving her and taking care of her. She used to sleep next to him every single night. Granted, many times she slept on his head and he had to keep pushing her off, but still they had a routine together.

Mallory also took it hard. Blossom came to be her special pet, she dragged her around and cuddled her and played with her. She cried for a good 5 minutes when we broke the news.

I admit, I am happy and relieved to be able to throw out the kitty litter box and never have to clean it again. But, Blossom represents to me, one of the few connections to my childhood. Well I shouldn't say few, I'm fortunate to have several actually, but to me Blossom connects my memory to my childhood home, so many events, and to my mom. In fact, when my mom was sick and bed-ridden, Blossom laid on her lap for days. Whenever I was sick, she would come to me and rub her head on me to comfort me. And so even though I often wondered why she seemed to be immortal and feared I would never be rid of that kitty-litter, I will miss her dearly.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:

This is Jesse & Arissa right after we laid Blossom in the box, before taking her over to the burial grounds (aka Nana's):

Jesse digging Blossom's final resting place, under the tangerine tree amongst the rabbits, cats, and goldfish buried there:

Covering up the grave:

The pillow, with a little of her drool on it from the ride over to Nana's. I had made it for a friend who's name starts w/ an "M" for the pillow's final purpose, Jesse decided to "M" stands for "MEOW":

Mallory & Mariah paying their respects and laying flowers at the grave:

The girls laying flowers and saying goodbye to their other "sister":



Anonymous said...

Jesse, This is the 4th cat that your personally buried.
Dee Dee, Barbie, Misty and now
Blossom. You are always such a comfort in times like this.

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