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I present to you the recipient of the 2009 Martin Luther King Jr. PeaceBuilder Award:

Mariah Grace Howard!

She had no idea she was the winner, and she was so proud. She is the epitome of a peacemaker too....that award was meant for her! She cares so much about other people's feelings. She makes a point of being friends with everyone, especially those that don't have as many friends as her.

They did a little song and dance before the awards:

Last year's winner was if I can get Mallory to be a little more "peaceful" by next school year, maybe it can become a tradition. :O)

And then here's where we spent Sunday:

The Girl Scout Cookie Kickoff! It was held at the zoo, so after the rally we wandered around and checked out the sights. Although we have zoo passes, we hadn't been there in a long time so everything seemed new. The first thing we did was the Sky Ride....which amused the girls and TERRIFIED me. I was really honestly scared for my wasn't much fun for me at all. But I made it across, only to find out the quickest walking route back across the zoo was closed for we had to take the sky ride BACK. 2nd time wasn't so bad, but I still wouldn't say it was exactly "fun".

And this was my favorite animal that we saw....he yawned a big old yawn which I was able to capture:

Then it was time for a nap....for all 5 of us!
The cookie sale officially begins January 31st! Can't wait!


Related Posts with Thumbnails