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Burnin' trees & makin' hats!

Friday night we went over to our neighbor's to watch them burn their Christmas trees. It was fun....and scary to see how fast they go up in flames. The Wares:

David, Jesse, Gary:

And look what I made!

It took me just about 2-3 weeks, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. But it was still quite a task because there were like 5 colors involved, and you have to carry them through the whole time. So of course at several points I had a twisted mess that I had to stop and fix. But this is my first experience doing an actual color pattern while the past I've just changed color (i.e. for stripes and such). I was so happy to finish it, and to discover that I hadn't made a total mess of it and wasted all my time (like I've been known to do).

The inside (see how each color is "carried" along the whole way?):

The pattern:

Et voici!:


Courtney said...

The hat is very cool. That picture of me... is not. lol.

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