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Jesse & I took the day off Friday, to follow these sweet girls around: the drill team had their annual "school tour" where they perform in assemblies at all the local elementary schools to try and "recruit". It was fast paced but lots of fun. The audiences at each school were very impressed!

I don't know why, but I can't wait till Valentine's Day! I guess because it's one step closer to Spring being here, which I also can't wait for. Everytime I go into JoAnn's or Michael's, I come out with a new Valentine's or Spring decoration for the house. But I haven't put them all up yet, because Jesse thought it was weird to be decorated for Valentine's Day in mid-january:

Valentine's Card supplies...prepped and ready to go!

One of my cute Spring-things:

A project I've been working on.....WAY in advance, since these won't be displayed till March/April!:

And, finally, things makin' me happy right now:

this cross-stitch that my mom made a LONG long time ago when I was at least in 3rd grade, maybe younger. I have it hanging above my door:
My new Spring-collection Yankee Candle shipment arrived! I got several candles and this reed-diffuser, "Sweet Pea Garden". I love it!

And that's it for now! No work tomorrow, I have a dr. appt because I think I'm coming down w/ strep throat again. :O( We'll probably find some small way to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day as a family. Then next friday the girls' school is having a MLK assembly, at which one of my sweet girls is going to be awarded the MLK "Peace Builders" award! It's a secret though, so I can't say who. :O)


Related Posts with Thumbnails