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More clothes:

I came home early from work for a dr. appt, and made this before I went:

The hem of the skirt (which matches the collar of the tank top):

And then I set to working on a shirt for Mariah. But I kept getting it too small around the bust, and it got to the point where she wouldn't even come near me to let me try it on her anymore. I made one that was so tight, it was ridiculous, and I didn't like the fabric that much so I threw it away.

Then I tried again, and ended up with this:

But it was still too small! I like the fabric of that one though, so I just have to find a little girl that I can give it to who will fit into it.

On my third try, I finally got it right. But my camera battery died so I couldn't take a picture tonight.

But the perplexing part is that I DID measure her before I started, and I used the same seam allowance I always do, so I don't know why it kept turning out wrong! I guess maybe I'll have to use actual patterns from now on instead of free-handing it.


Related Posts with Thumbnails