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The American Justice System DOES work!

And here's proof!

This came in the mail today:

Inside, was this:

The postmark is what's interesting:

Yes, it's dated 7/16/08

This is the mail that Arissa sent to her sisters when she was vacationing in Utah last summer with Nana.

I'm sure I must have blogged about the situation before, but the gist of it is:

Arissa had sent her sisters a card from Utah, which they never got. Then one day Mallory & Mariah received a letter stating a postal worker had stolen a bunch of mail, taking money and gift cards that were inside, and an item addressed to the girls was part of that. (I'm guessing the girl thought maybe there was a giftcard or money inside, it was a thick envelope)

I've received several emails along the way from the U.S. Department of Justice, explaining what was happening. That they'd arrested the ex-postal worker. That she had an upcoming court appearance. That she'd pled guilty. That she was to be sentenced. That she was serving out her sentence in U.S. custody. And finally, that she was being released.

But I really didn't expect to get the "evidence" back.

But there it was, today, in our mailbox. Accompanied by this:

These are the cards:

So when people complain about the "system" and how it doesn't work, we can attest to the fact that although there are times where a murderer is mistakenly found innocent, or an innocent person is wrongly convicted, at least we know when it comes to mail from an 8 year old, the U.S. government has got things under control. And they don't mess around. :o)


Courtney said...

This is amazing!

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