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Another reason to celebrate!

We went out to dinner again this past week for another celebration!
The girls' school had their first Student of the Month assembly. Jesse and I were hoping one of our girls would win...the first one of the school year is kind of a special honor. But imagine our shock and pride when we received a letter notifying us that:
Not one....

Not two....

But ALL THREE of our sweet girls were getting the award!

So that was really something special.
It was funny how aware each of the girls were aware about it differently.
Arissa knew as soon as she woke up and found out I was taking her to school instead of Nana. She goes (with a big smile): "hm. There's a student of the month assembly today. Guess I'm gettin' that!"
But Mariah didn't think anything of it until I dropped her off at her class and she learned the assembly was that day. As she waved by to us she said "Mommy! Daddy! There's a student of the month assembly today! I hope I get it!"
And Mallory, being a first-timer, had no idea. She was truly surprised when they called her name. It was fun to watch.
I wanted to give the girls something, so I scoured the mall during my lunch and got them each cards & little necklaces:




Arissa & Nana:

"Okay girls, make a silly face":

"Okay girls, make a sweet face. Act like you like each other!":


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