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First day of school....part deux

So the crisis was over, and our 2nd day of school was smooth sailing.
Here's my happy girl:

Still bearing the scars from the day before:

Happy 4th grade girly:
I can't believe how old she is. Every parent says that, I know. "It goes by so fast....". But when I look at this face, I can still see bits of the baby/toddler face, I see glimpses of my own 4th grade face, and I see some of her teenage/adult face to come. It's a weird feeling.

And little Miss Independant:

Arissa will kill me, but I had to post this too. Look at those shins! Maybe I should make her some fancy tights or knee-socks w/ built-in shinguards!

And so, in the end, I got the picture I had expected to take the day before:
All my girls, off to school.
I hate working full-time. I wish I could volunteer in their classes every day. Well except for on hot days like the past few have been. On those 90+ degree days, I am thankful for my job and air-conditioned office.
Sweet Mariah: an old pro now, having survived kindergarten and made it to the first grade, telling us how it goes:
and giving the "rookie" a hug and sending her off to class:
Arissa's 2nd day hair-do. I like this one:

Arissa was so over the photoshoot...but she let me get one more in:

And finally, Miss Kindergartner-At-Last:


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