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Back to school

Just a few pics of Back to School Night...

Arissa didn't get into any of the pictures, because 4th grade is apparently more serious and work-oriented...I felt out of place even having a camera with me. But kinder & 1st grade, I fit right in w/ the rest of the parent paparazzi!

I like going to school functions. I love elementary school. Kids at that age are so cute. None of them think they're "too cool" yet, so they're all just happy and smiling. They all still like school and are friendly are excited. Totally makes me want to be a teacher.

Mallory's self-portrait:

Mariah's classroom:

Typical Mallory....all up in my face. :o) I was probably trying to take a picture of something else but she wanted to be the main she made it happen.

Mariah, standing at her desk. You can tell by the look on her face that I had taken about 5 pictures before this. Mariah has the weirdest habit of looking off to the side when I take a picture. Without fail, I always have to take several shots when she's in a photo, because her little eyes are looking at something over in the corner behind me!


Related Posts with Thumbnails