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my girls

I finished my knitting project that looked like this while in progress:


It's just another knitted dolly:


Your average little blondie, holding a petite flower.


And since she's blonde, blue-eyed, and pretty cute-lookin', I call her "Arissa".


And just like in real life, Arissa is so sweet and so fun, you just want to have more people like her around:

And so she turns into a brunette, to represent my M&M:

Yep, she's reversible.

I can't believe I finished it!

Working with double-pointed needles is a whole new thing, when it comes to knitting, and I didn't think I was capable.

But I did it, and I finished both of the girls and all their details, and successfully sewed them together to make one single reversible dolly.

Mariah thought it was pretty awesome:

So of course now I'm imagining all the different kinds of things I could knit to reverse into eachother. The possibilities are endless...


Anonymous said...

you are awesomely talented...
That is the cutest doll ever.

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