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A sad goodbye....

It's so easy to take things for granted when you still have them!

Then one day, all of a sudden, without warning, they're just gone.

And you think of all the times that they were there for you, and maybe you didn't appreciate them like you should have. Eventually you find someone/something new to replace the one you lost, but it's never the same.

Then you experience denial, convincing yourself that the one you love CAN'T be gone, and you can get them back, you can make it like it was before....

But as is always the case, it's impossible to do and it only prolongs the sadness of the loss.

My wonderful, trusty, amazing, expensive Chi Flatiron stopped working. {sniff, sniff}
One day the little red light was on and I was straightening and curling my hair with ease, the next day I plugged it in and.....nothing. :o(

I spent hours googling what could be wrong, how to fix it, how to bring it back to life without spending $150 to buy a new one.

Sweet Jesse, he tried to help me:


He took it apart, screw by screw. He took out the computer chip thingy and tried to sodder it to bypass the defunct part so that maybe it could bless me with it's presence for another year, or even just another day!

But it was not meant to be.


Someone else who is sweet let me borrow theirs for the meantime, which I appreciate very much. But I'm still mourning the loss of mine.

The sad part is I didn't even use it that much for the last year of it's life. I was too "busy" with other things. I convinced myself my hair looks just fine if I let it air-dry, or just blow-dry it, or just tie it back all together. So my poor flatiron sat on it's shelf for a long time, neglected, cause I assumed whenever I had the time or desire to do my hair, it would be there for me.

And I never realized what an awesome piece of machinery it is and how it's worth every single penny, until I bought a $12 from Target assuming it would do the exact same thing. What could be the difference?

There is a BIG difference, a night-and-day difference.

But my Chi is gone, and all I have left is the $12 immitation that doesn't even compare.


R.I.P. my friend.


(All kidding aside, I am actually very bummed about this!)


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