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Happiness Is:


Sometimes Happiness is when I'm contentedly begrudgingly doing the laundry and a $20 bill falls out of the dryer.

(Actually that never happens to me.)

(Well, if it does, it's always Jesse's dollar bill and somehow he figures that out and I have to give it back to him.)

And while I was finding pictures that represent happiness, I came across this which I feel is true too....sometimes happiness is nothing more than:


For me, at the moment, however, Happiness is when I'm doing that thing I do where I walk around ruminating on all the ways I am less than enough, how wrong and unfair everything is, how much better I could be doing, etc. etc, and then I stumble upon some pieces of paper with children's handwriting that make everything better and turns my mood around completely.

The Story:

I went into the living room to do pilates. But I can't relax and breathe deep when the room's a mess....even from Triangle Pose or Downward Dog, my eyes go straight to the clutter.

So I got up and muttered under my breath a little bit while I picked things up. Things like: WHY do people have to set things down wherever they happen to be standing, WHYYYY can't they walk 15 feet to put it where it belongs.

So on and so forth.

Some of the clutter happened to be the girl's scriptures that they'd taken to church and then left out, so I picked them up (still muttering) and put them where they belonged.

And in doing that, I found a handout they must have gotten in their classes at church and it made me smile and the very first thing I did was grab my camera! So sweet are these girls.


The handout is titled: "Good Things I Like About My Family" and thesea re a few of my favorites that they wrote:

* When someone is sad, we comfort them
* When we're bored we make jokes
* We go on walks together
* We plant flowers a lot
* My mom makes crafts for all of us to do

* Family Home Evening
* Doing chores
* Making dinner together
* Making little bugs' homes
* Going to church

* They are nice to me.
* They let me play with their toys.

How sweet are those lists. And coming across them by accident made them all the sweeter.

Like I said, after reading them, I suddenly felt like I had a lot less to complain about. And I did the best Downward Dog I've ever done, for sure. :)


:: A Funny Side Note ::

The girls are supposed to bring their scriptures to church every week.

Arissa has her own set, which she got for her Baptism.

Mariah uses my mom's set.

And Mallory doesn't really need a set since she's still in the younger class and the teacher usually provides them for the kids.

But this week she wanted to bring a set just like her sisters, except I couldn't find one as we were rushing out the door, so she took the only thing I could find:


A french copy of the Book of Mormon. :) I doubt it helped her in class, but at least she did "bring her scriptures".


Related Posts with Thumbnails