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movie in the park

If it can be {legally} done in a park, we did it this summer.

Well except just going to the park to play. 

That's old school.

Aside from the concerts in the park which we faithfully attended each week, we saw a movie in the park too (in La Mesa...cause we're fancy).

We wore our jammies so we could plop right into bed afterwards:



 We set out our summertime quilt which has accompanied us to all of our outdoor fun this summer.  But of course that wasn't "blanket enough" for Mariah, she had to bring her own as well...


I love love LOVE the girls' Pottery Barn chairs. 

I love them. 

I love how cute they are.

I love the fabric.

I love how compact they are.

I love the little carrying bags they come with.

I love saying they're from Pottery Barn. 

They were worth every penny.


If they had them in adult sizes (or even bigger child sizes that I could squeeze into), you can bet me and Jesse would have matching ones.  But as it is, we had to borrow old yellow ones from Nana.  :(  Not so cute.


The "big" screen:


10 minutes later:




I only really saw the second half of the movie, because for the first half I was playing with my best friend (under 4 feet tall):



Man, he's cute. 

I love him. 

Him and those Pottery Barn chairs.


He makes me happy.


But then he had to leave, cause babies have earlier curfews or whatever.  :(

So the girls and I all cuddled up on that summertime quilt to watch the movie.  I wasn't looking forward to this movie, but I really enjoyed was super cute.

A really huge bug crawled on Mariah, it was hilarious.

 Fun night!!


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