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making babies

Mallory has the nicest, sweetest, coolest teacher this year....she adores her like you wouldn't believe.

And she just found out she's pregnant!

(the teacher, not Mallory)

Mallory wanted to get a gift for the baby-to-be, so we got her a little snowglobe and a pair of baby booties, wrapped 'em all up nice and pretty and everything.


Mallory was real excited that (according to her teacher) the baby is as big as an avocado.  She just thought the food comparison was the neatest thing.  We happened to have some avocados in the fridge and she asked if she could bring one to school to show the class. 

So Monday morning on our way out the door, she got it out of the fridge. 

But I said wait wait wait, we ought to put it in something BABYish, to make it cute.  I think it was Jesse who came up with the idea for what we ultimately ended up doing:

I diapered his little bum (the avocado, not Jesse) with some felt, secured it with a safety pin, added some googley eyes, and then -I know it's kind of girly but at least it's blue- topped it off with a bow.  This is why I think everyone is lucky I have girls, not boys, because no matter the gender, I like putting bows on things.  :)

Mallory was so happy with him:

Our little avocado baby was a huge hit with the class, a few moms texted me saying their kids wouldn't stop talking about it.

I thought "how cute would it be if I made little avocado babies for the whole class!". 

When I had last bought avocados they were .50 each, and there's 30+ kids in the class, so I decided if the avocados were still .50 on Thursday night, I would do that.

But of course they were back up to a dollar each.  :(  I considered using apples instead, but figured it'd still cost quite a bit and it's just not the same.

So Thursday night when I picked up the girls I told Mallory I was sorry but I wasn't going to be able to make little "Baby Lloyds" (as the class calls them) for everyone.

Mallory said excitedly "Mommy that's ok, because today Mrs. Lloyd told us that now Baby Lloyd is the size of an ONION!".

Yes, of course:

No, I did not make 30+ onion babies.  Thought about it, but decided against it.  We made one for the teacher, and then I made these bookmarks for the students instead (more evidence that I love bows):

I look forward to finding out what piece of food I'll be diapering next week, as Baby Lloyd continues to grow and grow!


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