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haaaaappy birthday!

Today is lil Mariah's 9th birthday.

These are some thoughts on her:

She is such a chunk and I wuv her so much.

She had this expression on her face for the firs 18 months of her life:

She likes to talk, and to hear herself talk.  :)  She will go on and on and on if you let her.  Which most of the time I do, because her voice is sweet and her stories are good.

She's as scared of water as it's possible to be, yet she's very brave too.  She goes on roller coasters that I'm terrified of, she pulls out her own teeth....

She is the most thoughtful, considerate little girl you'll find.

She is very emotional and often dramatic.

She has tons of friends & everyone likes her, she is sweet and funny.

She is the best little cuddler/snuggler.  You can hear her sucking on her finger ALL night long. 

If I try and do any touch-ups to photos of myself in photoshop, she tells me to leave the picture alone because I'm beautiful the way I am.

She saw a sign on a bus that said "1-800-GET-THIN" and she said "That sign is rude! It says GET THIN and what if people LIKE the way they are!".

She likes to help without being asked, in school and at home.

She is a mini-Jesse and they are best buddies:

That's my girl.  :)

She is so kind and sweet and happy, I hope I can be like her when I grow up.

And I hope she has a fabulous birthday!


Emily Frame said...

Happy birthday to your little sweetie!
I hope you love eShakti they definitely made a fan out of me!

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