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7 random things about myself...

I read Cula's blog often, so I guess I'm "tagged". :o)

1. I love hydrangeas. I have some in our front garden, and they make me so happy!!!

2. I can't stand NOT to wear socks. Unless I am showering, or swimming, or some other activitiy where it would be plain ridiculous. Otherwise, I have them on. Even in summer. Even with sandals (I know, it's not a good look, Jesse makes fun of me constantly).

3. I have a passion for Mexican food. I honestly would eat guacamole with every meal of my life, if I could. I don't understand it, but it makes me happy!

4. I laugh a lot. Probably more than the average person. Probably a little too much, if you ask Jesse. But I'm counting on the studies that say laughing adds years to your life, and I'm hoping that my random unexplainable fits of laughter will counteract the fact that I don't eat very healthy.

5. I'm loud. Which is kind of weird because I'm a shy person, yet my whole life I've been told that I'm loud. I also tend to scream when I'm surprised or scared. It's kind of a blood curdling scream, and as far as I'm concerned it's involuntary!

6. I speak French! Well, it's more accurate to say "I read French", because although I can understand 99% of what I read, I am only a high beginner/low intermediate speaker. But I love everything French, I have a French penpal who I've been emailing now for several months and am learning a lot from, my favorite songs are French songs, and sometimes for fun I watch my favorite dvds dubbed in French.

7. I am a lover of grapefruit! (I'm writing this at lunchtime, which is why there's 2 items regarding food!) When I was pregnant with Arissa and had horrible morning sickness for 3 months, I pretty much subsisted on grapefruit. It was the only thing that didn't make me want to throw up. I've been known to sit down and eat 3 at a time. And I don't put sugar or anything on them. When Henry's has their "5 for $1" sale, Jesse will go down there and load up for me. :o)

8. Yes I know it's "7 random things" but I just thought of this one:
I watch QVC and HSN for entertainment. Yes, sometimes I buy something, but most of the time I watch the daily just for fun. I know all the hosts/hostesses, Shannon on HSN is my favorite.


Related Posts with Thumbnails