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funny girls

The other night Arissa and I weren't getting along. I wanted her to pick up her messes, she felt like I was making her into a slave. Finally I just said "go to bed!" and I picked up the stuff myself. Usually I lay down with her for at least 5 minutes but this time I didn't.

When Jesse got home at 9:30 he went into the room, came back out and told me had fallen asleep with her notepad & pen in her hands, and showed me what she had been writing:

I miss you, Mom

I miss your smile

And I still shed a tear every once in any while

And even though it's different now

You're still here somehow

My heart won't let you go

I miss you, Mom, I miss you

So of course, I instantly felt like the biggest jerk in the whole world. Jesse says "go give her a hug!", and I did and I started thinking right away "that's it, I'm not going in to work tomorrow, I'm going to spend the whole day with Arissa and do whatever she wants to do..."

then I thought, sure she writes a lot but I didn't know she could rhyme that well. Then I had an idea.....I went to the computer and googled what she had written. And sure enough....

it's a Hannah Montana song.

Had nothing to do with me! In fact she probably fell asleep thinking how I'm a horrible slave-driver and she wishes she a mom more like Hannah Montana's. :0) But it softened my heart just the same, and I went in and cuddled with her.

All 3 girls have big, soft, comfortable blankets that they keep at my Grandma's for naps or cuddling....Arissa has Hannah Montana, Mariah had Dora, and Mallory has a Princess one. Mariah wanted to bring hers home when we went over there for dinner last night, and my Grandma said "are you going to bring it back tomorrow? everytime you take something home, i never see it again". Mariah PROMISED she would bring it back.

This morning as I was dropping them off, Mariah hopped out of the car and gasped in horror "i forgot the blanket! I promised Nana I'd bring it back!!!" and then she goes "I better hide for this one!" and she ran behind the couch to hide from Nana. :o)

As Mallory was getting out of her carseat this morning, she avoided stepping down, she hopped over and got right out and said "Don't want to step in THAT stinkhole!". I said "hey! I know it's a little messy but where'd you get the word 'stinkhole'?". Apparently it's a phrase from the character "Tula" from her new favorite movie "Island Princess". :O)

Like my Grandma says, she loves when she's babysitting the girls and she can just sit back and watch them play and interact.....they always have her cracking up.


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