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I wasn't going to make any, because it depresses me when February arrives and I've already failed at everything I resolved to do or not do. It's easy enough to feel like I've failed at various things, I don't need another reason to feel bad about myself!

But then as I was sitting here crocheting on my break at work, I came up with a few that might be do-able and that have nothing to do with losing weight. So here they are:

1. Be in more photos. I take TONS of photos. I take photos of important things, random things, silly things, ordinary boring things that I just don't want to be forgotten. Of course, 95% of my photos are of the girls.....lots are of Jesse......many are of Jesse and the girls. But only a handful are of me. Granted, that's because I refuse to be in most pictures and I won't share any that I'm in unless I approve of how I look....which happens rarely. So I would like to resolve to be in more photo.... let Jesse take more, maybe even buy a cheapie camera so Arissa could take some. Even if my hair isn't done, and I'm in my jammies, or if I would never in a million years want anyone to see how I look, I want to be in more of my pictures.

2. Journal everyday. I used to be really good at this! I used to write more than once a day even. When I used to go out and not get home until 1 or 2 in the morning (several years ago), I still never went to sleep without writing. But I haven't even looked at my journal recently, because I know I'm going to feel guilty....I haven't written in months. This blog eased the guilt a little because it IS a form of journaling, but obviously this isn't the right forum to say alllllll that I need to say! Plus, I'm the kind of person who likes to remember and bring up ordinary, random, silly facts from the past......and without journaling, there's no way I can. So be it one sentance or several pages, I want to open the darn thing and write SOMETHING everyday.

3. Be in the moment. So this is probably the hardest one for me, but also probably the most important. By "be in the moment", I mean this: Not always doing 5 things at once....FOCUSING on what I'm doing now, not worrying about what I SHOULD be doing, or what I'll be doing next. Actually playing with Arissa Mariah & Mallory instead of knitting and just watching them play. Reading just the book I'm into, without a stack of books & magazines beside me that I need to hurry up and read next. Watching tv because I'm interested in what's on, not just to have noise or take my mind off something. You know what, this one might be too hard!

4. Do one thing every day for me, and two things or more for someone else. You might say that since I have three little kids and a husband, that I should just resolve to do something for myself each day because I must do enough for everybody else. But if you knew me well, you'd know I'm pretty selfish. I may not have a lot of time, but I do a lot and spend a lot of time on ME. Even if that means that I didn't have time for ME, and I go to bed fretting about all the stuff I wanted to do and didn't. But there are only so many hours in a day, so I hope I can satisfy myself with one solitary selfish thing. And for the second half, of course I do stuff for others everyday....but most of it is because I have to. I've always known that it feels good to do stuff for other people, and the best way to solve one of my own problems is to do something nice for someone else. So if I could stick to this resolution, I bet I'd be a much happier person. Some days there won't be time to go out of my way to make someone feel special, but on those days I resolve to at the very least: do the necessary things I do for others, and not do it all begrudgingly.

Well I thought I was making a simple list, but I have a feeling even these 4 little things will start to feel overwhelming after a few weeks!

If you're reading this and you made a resolution, post yours in the comments!!

Bonne annee! (Happy new year)


The Parker Family said...

I usually don't make resolutions either, but i like the idea of being in more pictures. i'm really bad about that too.

summer said...

Your resolutions are great. Being a mom and working fulltime it is hard to be in the moment!! I am right with you on the selfish thing, it didn't help me any that my parents totally spoiled me because now it is all about ME!!

This year I want to be more financially stable and to focus on the time I have with the family. Like your live in the moment, I want to focus on them and not me and make sure I spend more quality time with them.

Tell Jesse hi and I hope you are all doing well!!


Related Posts with Thumbnails