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you don't know what cute is...

...until you've seen Arissa & Mariah on the floor doing yoga with me! I took a few pictures but they didn't capture the moment like seeing it face to face. Mariah, sitting cross-legged, hands in a prayer position, eyes closed......Arissa doing Sun salutations, arms outstretched, serious look on her face. She goes "is it supposed to be relaxing?" and I said "yeah, and it IS, don't you think?". She goes, "no, actually it hurts my back.". :o) They only stuck with it for a few minutes and then they got bored, and returned to doing other stuff, which made it hard for me to actually relax and find peace of mind and be centered, when they're running around me making messes and doing homework. But it was fun nonetheless.

(Mallory was spending the night @ Nana's or else I'm sure she would have been joining us....or trying to sit on my lap and prevent me from doing it.)


Related Posts with Thumbnails