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Mallory's Birthday, Flowers, Mother's Day Gifts, & Swim Class Last Night

Mallory's birthday was a busy day....she and Mariah had went to preschool, which was good because I was able to send cupcakes and the class celebrated her special day. Then she came home and opened gifts real quick, then we were off to their Preschool Open House. We got to meet lots of their little friends and their parents, and see what they've been doing this year. It was fun. Here's the three sister's:
This is Mallory opening the gift from Jesse and I....Mariposa Barbie w/ glitter wings. As you can sort of see from the picture, she was overjoyed and amazed.

And this too, made her scream w/ excitement. Barbie Mariposa movie. (This was from her sisters)

This is Mallory & Mariah letting everyone know that until June 6, they are "twins" (cause they're both 4 yrs old).

When you see this picture, you should be able to understand why I spend as much time as possible in our yard tending to my flowers. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? Now these are blue (they look purple cause they just bloomed) and because of the content of our soil/water, any hydrangeas I've bought in the past always turn pink. But for now, these are SO making me happy.

This is a bloom off my 5 year old hydrangea bush. These little guys are such amazing growers...they are lush and green and beautiful.

These are the cards & gifts we gave for mother's day....a poem on the card w/ some glitter added by the girls, and a cd w/ a few cute little songs performed by the girls, produced by Jesse and I. We have a recording program on our computer, and Jesse has been acquiring recording equipment, so we are able to edit and add effects and it's pretty amazing. Here's a link to one of the songs:

And these are the picture's from swim class yesterday. It was an especially fun class. First off, 7:00 pm in the summertime is a nice time to swim. It was warm but the breeze was cool, the water is warmed like always, and the light wasn't blaring like it is at noon. Also there were water toys in the pool that have never been there on a saturday before.....slides, boats, etc. The girls were so excited as soon as we walked in. When they called their names though, Mariah was in a different group. They've always all 3 been together in all the previous classes (it's 3 students per instructor). The girls were so confused, they didn't understand that they could be seperated. When Mariah figured out where to go, Mallory tried to follow her, assuming that must be the group she's in too. But we got it straightened out, and it worked out well. Mariah was in a group w/ slightly younger kids...and that matched her "bravery" level a little better. Arissa & Mallory's teacher was able to push them along a little more. And Mariah preferred the teacher that she had in this new group too.
This is Arissa under the water for 4 counts!

Mariah & her new teacher:

The "twins":

Mallory spitting. (At least she's not drinking it like she tried before):

Mallory @ the "island" in the center of the pool:

Sweet Mariah made a new friend with whom she has something in common.....a love for Dora the Explorer (see how they both have the same one?). They formed a bond. :O)

Mallory, about to go under:

Mallory & Arissa...loving it:


Melli said...

Little girls are looking so cute and flowers are sweet!! Love this post!!

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