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Soooo cute!

I have some SUPER cute pictures to post....

but I have to restrain myself because I'm sending out announcements w/ the pictures on them and I don't want to spoil them!

Mariah is graduating preschool in 2 weeks, and she is so excited. When Arissa graduated preschool, I took the cutest pictures of her in her little cap & gown....she was in front of the church/school, it was just about sunset so the lighting was really good, I rolled up a piece of paper to be her "diploma", and I had her jump up and down excitedly while I snapped some pictures. I got a really good, clear one of her mid-jump. And I made cards to send out the picture with, and the quote I used for them was "Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude", or something to that effect. The cards were simple, just pink cardstock w/ a ribbon tied around, and Arissa's cap & gown were pink so it matched nicely.

I wanted to do the same for I bought all the supplies to make the cards, I got a good quote off the internet, and yesterday we got her cap & gown so we headed to the preschool @ 7:30 after dance rehearsal to take the pictures. Mariah is so happy to graduate preschool and move on to kindergarten, and it totally came through in the pictures. She looked so old, I saw a glimpse of what she'll look like as a teenager/adult. She's too cute and sweet. Here's the sneak peek:

I had a teacher conference w/ her teacher Ms. Erin today, and it was nice to hear that she recoginizes what a sweetheart Mariah is too. She told me she's smart, of course....she knows her letters, numbers, etc etc, beyond the requirements. But she is also the best listener in the class, the most helpful, the most kind, the one to notice when other kids are hurt or sad and try to make them happy. That was pretty much the exact same thing Arissa's preschool teacher had said to me about her. Gotta love that.


Cula Parker said...

she's such an adorable girl! i think she a good mixture of you and jesse.

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