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Arissa is so funny. She has totally picked up Jesse's sense of humor (I don't know if that's good or bad). I'm sure she must be the only 7 year old who loves to watch Seinfeld over and over and over AND finds it just as hilarious as Jesse & I do.

Last night she and Jesse were messing around w/ each other, and she said to him "speak to the booty cause the hand's off duty", which was something she must have heard on t.v. but who knew she'd remembered it and was saving it to use on her daddy at just the right time. :o)

Tuesday she went to the dentist, and got braces. Well they're not exactly braces, but it's a big metal retainer thing and it's supposed to widen her upper jaw to fix her bite. We have to tighten it (or "widen" it actually) twice a day for 2 weeks, then she has to wear some appliance 14 hrs a day for a year or so. Aside from the twice a day tightening, the thing doesn't seem to bother her...I think she thinks it's kind of cool. But I feel bad because I'm not sure if the kids at school will think it's as cool. I hope it doesn't make her feel self-concious.

And lastly, tomorrow is Drill Team tryouts. So if you happen to remember, say a little prayer for sweet Arissa. I'm sure I'm more nervous than she is. If she doesn't make it, things will be might even be for the better because like I said before, I'm not sure if she's ready for the hard work that will be entailed if she does make it. But since it's something she wants, I want her to make it and have fun and love it. Arissa tends to sometimes do less than her best when put on the spot....I guess so if she's critisized, she doesn't have to feel bad because she wasn't really trying her hardest. I think I'm like that too. So my prayer for her will be that she 1) has fun no matter what 2) tries her best 3) doesn't dwell if she makes a mistake or doesn't make it. But I do know Arissa is the best one in the drill team she's in I'm pretty sure I'll have good news to report next time I post!


Cula Parker said...

Oooo... I hope she makes it! She is so good at what everything she does. Has she seen the Soup Nazi Episode? I could watch that one over and over again. Can't wait to see her at activity days.

Mariann said...

The picture of the blue sky behind Arissa looks wonderful. She looks full of life.

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