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our weekend

What a busy weekend we had! Saturday was Mariah & Mallory's birthday party. Despite the fact that it was horribly hot, they had a great time. Several kids from each of their classes came, plus our 2 neighbor friends, a family friend, and family. We played a game (which Arissa won), ate lunch, made a craft, had cupcakes, and opened presents. The girls got such great was as if they had each written out a wish-list and mailed it w/ the invitations....they got exactly what they liked and wanted. To make sure Arissa didn't feel too left out, Jesse & I got her a present, and so did my dad.

You know Mallory likes her gift when she makes this face:
Mariah, with her money ("one dollar" as she calls it) from Grandpa:

"I can't even beLIEVE it!":

Arissa helped her sisters by reading their cards:

Lunch is served (pizza & lemonade):

The craft. Each kid decorated their own goody bag to take home. We painted the front of the bags w/ glue, and the kids put on pieces of tissue paper:

The cupcakes! I stayed up till 11:30 on friday night making these. I made the frosting from scratch & topped off the cupcakes w/ paper hydrangea petals:

So the party was a success. The next day, Mallory & Mariah went to a birthday party for one of the girls that had come to THEIR party. After church they went to Boomers, and were there for about 3 hours. When they got home, Mallory felt REALLY warm. I thought it must just be because they had been outside, since it was so very hot. But then she layed down and was very not herself....she was very fatigued, didn't want to eat or drink or play. She would nap, then wake up, then nap, then wake up, and one time after waking she seemed really confused and disoriented and it scared us. I called the dr because I thought she might have heat exhaustion. I called the dr and they said take her to ER. I said even though she seems better? Can't it wait until the morning? They said take her to the ER. I said even though she's sleeping peacfully now? They said take her to the ER. So at 10:30pm, Jesse & I dropped off Arissa & Mariah & my grandmas, and took Mallory to the hospital. Every nurse and employee we came into contact w/ the whole night was very very nice and sweet to her. When offered stickers for being so good, Mallory declined the several choices they gave her and kept repeating that she wanted "Princess sticker. Ariel. The little MERMAID.". So the nurse searched their whole supply and finally found Mallory some Ariel stickers.

They gave her some motrin, which finally brought down the 102 degree fever. Then the dr ordered a urine test & chest x-ray (to rule our pneumonia). The chest x-ray was fine, I told Mallory they were taking a picture so smile pretty, and she sure did. The urine part, was not so fun, since they had to get the sample via a cathedar. But all in all, she did great. I was prepared for ear piercing screams and though she did cry, her volume wasn't what I was expecting.

At about 1am, she came back "to life". She was talking, laughing, playing...sliding across the hospital floor in her socks. We sat in the Emergency Room until FOUR THIRTY AM, when they told us she had a urinary tract infection, prescribed some medicine, and sent us home. Today she still has a slight fever, but she feels much better.

This is her at the start of the party for her little friend:

And this is her by the end. You see what I mean, she wasn't herself at all:

And lastly, Arissa's Hummingbird project was due today. While the girls were at the party sunday, Arissa & I worked on her hummingbird model and habitat. During the process, I dripped hotglue all over my hand, and ended up w/ what I'm sure must be a 2nd degree 1 inch long burn on my thumb (and a smaller one on my middle finger). It blistered up and hurt so bad I thought I was going to throw up. I held it under cool running water for 10 minutes, crying the whole time. Today it feels much better. Poor Arissa felt so bad for me...and she refuses to ever use the hotglue gun again. :O)


Cula Parker said...

Poor Baby! Looks like the girls had fun. I wish I could have been there!

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