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Poor Jesse hardly ever gets credit for the good things he does, so I really felt like I can't NOT post about this.

Part 1: Our fridge broke about a week ago, the freezer was frosting over and the fridge would not keep cold. All the food spoiled, we couldn't keep milk or anything perishable. That makes cooking kind of hard! But we also knew we could NOT afford to have someone come fix it. So Jesse went to the internet and tried a few different things he read about, but nothing worked. Our friend Gary told us the same thing had happened to him, and what his apartment's handyman had done to fix it. So at about 7:30pm, Jesse took everything out of the whole fridge & freezer. He took out every shelf, every drawer. Then he took both doors off, and then he took the back off of it or something, and took out the electronics. By 10pm when I went to bed, the kitchen was full of pieces of fridge, you couldn't even walk in there. He said we' have to let it sit and defrost for awhile.

Part 2: I had a potluck the following day @ work for which I had to bring croissants. Neither of us have any money at the moment, so I just figured I'd face the music when I got to work and feel guilty all day.

Part 3: At the last minute that night we decided to switch days that the girls go to preschool because they were going to have "water day" the following day. So by the next day, they needed their swimsuits and towels washed. Jesse said he'd wash them.

So bottom line, when I went to bed, I almost dreaded waking up because I knew that I was going to wake up and have to climb over pieces of fridge in the kitchen to get my lunch ready, send the girls to school w/ bath towels instead of their swimming towels because they wouldn't be washed, and then go to work and be "that person" who didn't bring what they signed up to bring for the potluck.

So imagine my surprise when I got up and saw that not only was the fridge put back together, but it was WORKING. And there was a fresh new gallon of milk inside (because I'd whined that I hadn't been able to have cereal the past week since it'd been broken). I was amazed. Jesse tends to be the kind of person that even when he does feel motivated to start a project, feels perfectly fine leaving it out and half finished for weeks on end. So I figured our kitchen would be un-usable for several days, if not weeks. I was shocked.

Then I looked on the table, and there were croissants for me to take to the potluck. I guess he'd gone out after he fixed the fridge and bought milk & croissants. Then before I left for work, I told him remember to send the girls w/ some kind of towel to use. He said their swimming towels were in the dryer. He had washed.....AND dryed them! I was like "who is this person???". It was incredible.

We joked that all of these amazing things he did were a result of the big meal I had cooked the night before just for him....gravy and all his favorite things. :o)
And yesterday we were without a babysitter, so he stayed home w/ the girls. Mariah had a party at school, but it wasn't their day to go since they'd gone the day before, but Jesse took Mariah just for the party. He took the girls out to breakfast. Mariah didn't feel good for part of the day; he took care of her and gave her medicine. And when I came home, the house was relatively picked up and clean. What a good daddy.

So like I said, he really doesn't usually get credit for many of the great things he does....from me or anyone else. But he IS appreciated and loved!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jesse, High Five!

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