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Disney....Injury....School Pics

Last week I got an email from my friend saying she had won tickets to DISNEY ON ICE and would I like to bring the girls and go with answer: ARE YOU KIDDING???? We are ALL about Disney On Ice....but now that are girls are of the ticket-requiring age, we don't go to those kind of shows often if at all because it's like $100 for the 5 of us to go. So I was giddy with excitment and managed to not even tell the girls about it until the very day of the show. Needless to say, THEY LOVED IT:

Our group (minus me)...thank you CULA for inviting us!!!!:

Through the eyes of a child:

The one photo of the actual show that didn't come out horribly blurry:

A few weeks ago I got to work and saw an email from Mallory's preschool, reminding parents about picture day...which was that very day. I, being at work and a long trolley ride away from home couldn't do anything about it, so I called Jesse frantically and tried to instruct him over the phone on what to dress Mallory in and what to do with her hair. These are her proofs:

And this is my latest adventure.....I fell in our yard in the dark, hyperextended (I don't know if that's the right word but that's the one I like to use cause it sure feels like what happened to me!) my right arm so badly I couldn't move it, scratched and bruised my leg in 3 places, and impaled my hand with the fence which I tried to grab onto. It was bad. I screamed....of course, and Jesse thought it was my usual "hee hee, I'm being silly" scream, when actually it was a "help me I think my arm is being ripped off and I'm going to die" scream. I just laid on the grass and cried! I really thought my arm muscle must have been ripped to shreds and I'd forever be in a sling. I went to the dr and got some RX meds, and today my hand looks much better and I have more use of my arm, although I still can't lift it. Such drama!


Jenn said...

Now that I've seen this Halloween pic on the top of your blog...I just realized that these are your girls that I have a pic of from a church halloween party. We've solved the mystery after three years! I'll e-mail you the pic! :) Glad you guys had fun at Disney on Ice. Hope your arm is feeling better.

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