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i've been sewing! seems like the first time I make something, the first time I follow I sewing pattern, it takes me SO long, I get confused, I make mistakes, and I get frustrated. But after that first time, I can whip stuff up in minutes and don't need the instructions anymore. Since last friday I've had Strep Throat (although the dr didn't confirm it until yesterday), so I had a lot of time lazing around in whcih I created these skirts:

They're really super easy to make (proof: I did it), and they're fast and fun.
Saturday was Oktoberfest. It was raining, and the girls spent the night at Nana's, and I was very much in the grip of my strep throat, so I didn't plan on going. But since the girls weren't home, Jesse and I wanted to do SOMETHING, so we headed down there for just an hour. We checked out the crafts, and all the crazy people. I saw tons of cute little crafts that I wanted, but most everything Jesse insisted "we can make that ourselves". So this is the only thing I walked away from Oktoberfest with:

and a bumper sticker. :o) Thank you Jesse!

My Strep Throat is 95% gone, and I hope I never have it again. I didn't have a fever, I didn't have ANY symptoms except an excruciating sore throat and some extra fatigue. i think the girls enjoyed it though because many times I started to reprimand them or intervene when they started making a mess, but my body was just too tired and it hurt too much to speak, so I just let them be. Saturday morning, I got out of bed at 4am and drove the the closest 24-hr walmart to find coughdrops, medicine, ANYthing to help w/ the pain. But the only thing that I tried that worked was some chamomile tea w/ honey. But man, that sore throat was horrible. And the 6 days I had it were SO LOOOOONG, i think because I spent every second of them dreading the next time I would have to swallow, because it hurt so very bad. But I'm back now, and I'm healthy!


CULA said...

just in time for disney on ice!

Anonymous said...

Those skirts are just right for the girls. You catch on very fast...good for you...I like them.

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