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oo! oo! look what I made! :O)

I've been feeling very "automn-y" recently, even though it's still un-godly hot and summer-y, and this fabric I saw at JoAnn's just called to was all browns and oranges and greens. So I bought a pattern online for a simple-enough looking dress, and gave it a shot. I've never sewn anything requiring elastic, so that was new. It turned out nicely I think, Mariah wore it to school on Monday. It fits her and Mallory as a dress, and Arissa as sort of a long top. Mariah's arms hurt when she came home from school Monday....I guess I need to loosen the elastic a little. :O) So here it is:

thank you, Arissa, for modeling:

Et voici!


Cula said...

gorgeous! i don't sew.... wish i did though.

Anonymous said...

very nice....I love it.

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