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Haven't posted in awhile, half of a month to be exact I think. Here's what's happened since:

This sweet girl was awarded Student of the Month....AGAIN. That's right, she was also the first in her class to receive it (as was Mariah) back in September. And already her teacher felt she deserved it again. So proud!

That same day (night actually) was her Drill Team christmas party. It was really really could NOT find a group of cuter, sweeter girls than this...seriously:
Church Christmas dinner:
Previously unrealized reason #165 why having 3 kids is way harder than 1:
I had to make SIXTY of these things! I wanted to make something for the girls' classmates, and I didn't want it to be candy. So I ordered some trinkets from Oriental Trading, used my Sizzix Bigshot to create a bag topper, and voila. It was a nice idea but when I was 40 into it I thought maybe I'm going to have to give up and just hand out candybars next year. It was a lot of work! But I remember, from my own childhood, every Easter my mom would make these cute little Easter Bunnies out of regular washclothes, with a spot in the middle for a plastic easter egg. And I would hand them out to my class every year and the kids (and parents) loved them and I felt special for giving them. So I wanted to do something similar for the girls, but one classroom x 3 ends up being a whole heck of a lot of gift baggies!
Christmas Eve @ Nana's:
Cousins (the Kamenski & Howard girls):
Notice Mallory is the only one running around in this pic, and that's because both Mariah & Arissa had some sort of stomach flu and were throwing up the whole day and during the party:
Here's a poor quality picture of the "big" presents I was so proud of wrapping. Each year we make the basically the same thing for Nana, Grandma, my Dad, and Jesse's Grandma. This year it was a framed collage picture of the girls. I found this pretty foil wrapping paper, and in each of the bows I put a little something shiny, and a bell so that the package jingled:

Some of my crocheted little guys that we gave away for Christmas:
To Frances Warren:
For Gary's niece Janae (sp?):
Christmas morning:
And now, it's my pleasure to present to you......
The brave girl w/ one less tooth!!!
Well actually the replacement tooth is already in so I guess that leaves her even! :O) She was so brave, she asked Jesse to try and "work" on her tooth, and he wiggled and pulled, and she just stood there like a little trooper. No tears, no shouts, just "come on daddy, get it out!".
And out it came. And then the toothfairy paid a visit last night, and left a lovely dollar bill in it's place. And tonight we're having popcorn in little paper "bowls" that I made out of cardstock in the shape of teeth. :O)


CULA said...

you are soooo creative! i hope the girls are feeling better, Sage & Aurora are sick too it makes Christmas Vacation not so fun.

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